Ant61 beacon because 12% of satellites never turn on in orbit

12% of small satellites turn into a brick in orbit right after launch. They can’t communicate with the ground station, so satellite owners don’t know what happened. These bricks occupy important orbits for generations, hindering space exploration and development, colliding with other satellites and creating more orbital debris.

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Ant61 Beacon how it works

Turning bricks back into working satellites

beacon installation

The Beacon is installed on a satellite before launch.

Beacon performing health checks and communicating back to earth in real-time.

Health checks & real-time secure communication

After launch, the Beacon performs satellite health checks, determines its position and orbital parameters and communicates with the team on the ground in real-time.

All communications are encrypted and protected against external interference.

in the event of failure

If the satellite fails, the Beacon will keep working, providing important information on the root cause of failure and allowing the team on the ground to improve their design.

Saves time & money

The Beacon provides a backup communication system, allowing the operator to update satellite software and recover from failure, saving millions of dollars and years of work.

inside the beacon

Real-time 2-way communication

Tested at tumble rates up to 1300DPS

double-redundant independent power

Accurate positioning & state estimation

Compact (0.25U)

Supports all common mechanical & data interfaces

Tested to higher shock, vibration & thermal range than a typical LEO satellite

Partner with uS

We are looking for companies to join forces with in increasing satellite reliability.

Are you building a satellite, or do you know someone who is? Do you care about sustainability in space exploration and mission assurance?

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